ITD Collection doesn't approve any kind of copying, replication, as a whole nor in parts, of patterns that are printed on their collections' papers.

ITD Collection approves using company's all decoupage and scrapbook papers from its collections accessible on the website www.itdcollection.com during making handmade works designed to resale.



General provisions

1. The Online Shop [hereinafter referred to as “the Shop”] runs a retail sale via the Internet, under the following Terms of Use [hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”]. The Shop carries out domestic and international orders.

2. The Shop owner is:

ITD Collection spółka cywilna Tomasz Jankowski, Wojciech Muszelski, Sylwia Jankowska-Muszelska, Aneta Jankowska
based in:

ul. Morgowa 21, 91-231 Łódź, Poland

NIP: PL9471795771, regon 471719321

Forwarding address:

ITD Collection s.c.
91-231 Łódź , ul. Morgowa 21
tel. : +48 42 650 42 44
e-mail: info@itdcollection.com

3. The Terms of Use are an integral part of the sales contract concluded with the Client.

4. A condition for concluding a sales contract is the acceptance of the Terms of Use by the Client.

5. The prices given by the Shop are gross prices (they include VAT).

6. The products available in the Shop are free from physical and legal defects.



1. Orders can be placed in the following ways:

  1. by filling out the order form available on the Shop’s website,

  2. by e-mail, to the e-mail address available on the Shop’s website,

  3. by making a telephone call on the numbers for placing orders, available on the Shop’s website.

2. An order can be placed 24 hours 7 days a week throughout the year. Orders placed on Friday after 1 pm., on Saturday, Sunday, and during holidays will be carried out on the following weekday. Order time is 2-3 weekdays, in the case of custom-made products order time may be extended up to 10 weekdays, and the Shop will inform the Client of such an eventuality in each case.

3. The order is to be carried out under the condition that the Client gives data allowing for the verification of the Client and the recipient of goods. The Shop confirms the order acceptance by e-mail or by telephone. The Shop has a right to withhold order acceptance, limit manner of payment, or demand prepayment in the event of the order raising reasonable doubts as to the veracity and reliability of provided data or manner of payment.

4. The information which is binding for the parties features on the Shop’s website, next to the purchased product at the moment of placing the order, in particular: price, product characteristics, its features, the elements contained in the set, date of delivery, and method of delivery.

5. The information featuring on the Shop’s website does not constitute an offer under Civil Code. By placing an order, the Client makes a purchase offer for a particular product. An agreement is concluded upon confirmation of the Order by the Client by clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail sent to the Client by the Shop.

6. Where the circumstances precluding entirely or temporarily the completion of the placed order occur, ITD Collection company reserves the right to withhold the order execution - the company commits itself to inform the Orderer about the current situation without delay.

7. ITD Collection company issues a receipt or a VAT invoice for the purchased goods. In order to receive a VAT invoice, the Client needs to provide correct company’s data, along with NIP number (tax identification number). In the event of providing incorrect data for the VAT invoice, a correction note is issued by the Orderer.
It's not possible to exchange a receipt for a VAT invoice. When you order you have to choose: receipt or invoice. This is due to Polish regulations.



1. The Client can choose between the following manners of payment:

a) cash on delivery – the payment is made in cash upon receipt of the goods (exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Poland),

b) bank transfer – the payment is made through a bank transfer to the Shop’s bank account at mBank with a number 19 1140 2017 0000 4402 0251 7845

c) payment card – Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro. The online payment service provider for card payments is Autopay S.A.

d) eCard (eTransfer) - Płacę z Inteligo, eurobank płatności online, Płać z ING, mTransfer, MultiTransfer, Płacę z iPKONET, Przelewy24, Przelew z BPH, Crédit Agricole przelew online, Płacę z iPKO, Pekao24Przelew, Płacę z Citi Handlowy, PayWay Toyota Bank, MeritumBank Przelew, Płać z BOŚ, Płacę z Alior Bankiem, Millennium, Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., Bank Pocztowy, BS Wschowa, Invest Bank S.A., Kredyt Bank S.A., Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.

Payments by payment card and by ePrzelew (eTransfer) are operated by eCard S.A.

e) PayU: Online payment by payment card, mTransfer, MultiTransfer, Przelew24 BZWBK, Pekao24Przelew, Płacę poprzez Przelew z BPH, Płacę z Inteligo, Płacę z iPKONET, Płacę z iPKO, Płać z ING, Crédit Agricole e-przelew, Płacę z Millennium, Płacę z Citi Handlowy, Przelew z Deutsche Bank, Płacę przelewem tradycyjnym, Przelew z Idea Bank, Płacę z Eurobankiem, Płacę z Alior Bankiem, Płacę z T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe, Przelew z PBS, MeritumBank Przelew, Płać z BOŚ

2. Delivery costs are given in the shipping price list.

3. The payment for the products and delivery is the condition for issuing the commodity.

4. ITD Collection company issues a receipt from a cash register at the time of sale or issues a VAT invoice on Client’s request. If the Client received a receipt and wishes to change it to an invoice, the change is possible within 3 months, dating from the end of the month in which the goods were delivered or when the service was performed or the full payment or part payment was received, under the condition of prior return of the receipt to the Shop.



1. The ordered goods are shipped by the Shop through the agency of shipping companies (e.g. Poczta Polska or a courier company) or made available to be collected personally by the Client at the company’s premises.

2. If the Client chooses to make a payment using a different method than cash on delivery or payment card, the date of dispatch is extended by the time between placing the order and the moment when the payment is credited to the Shop’s bank account.


Claims and returns

1. A condition for accepting a return is the presentation of a proof of purchase of the goods by the Client (a receipt or a VAT invoice).

2. In the case of a non-conformity of goods purchased by the Client with the contract, the Client should send the claimed goods along with a description of the discrepancy.

3. The Shop addresses the Client’s claim within 14 weekdays from the moment of return of goods along with a description of the discrepancy. If the verification of the discrepancy requires consulting an expert or the product producer’s representative, the term for the Shop’s response to the Client’s claim is extended by the time necessary for the Shop to obtain the expert’s opinion.

4. When processing a justified claim entails sending a new product to the Client or removing the discrepancy, the costs of delivery are covered by the Shop.

5. The claimed goods need to be sent back to the address of the premises of “ITD Collection” in the condition and packaging in which they were delivered to the Client.

6. In the event of receiving a damaged package, the Client should draw up an appropriate protocol signed by a post office or a courier company employee (the person delivering or giving out the delivery). The lack of such protocol considerably impedes pursuing damaged package claims by the Client against the carrier.

7. The Client’s individual computer settings and monitor setup causing faulty or distorted display of information about the products (e.g. concerning colours) cannot be the grounds for crediting the claim.

The differences resulting from the Client’s individual computer settings, for instance concerning the colour or proportions, cannot be the grounds for crediting the claim against the purchased goods. Also, “ITD Collection” company does not consider claims resulting from the differences in colour perception between people.
In the case of print, claims against slight deviation from the colour fan are not considered, unless attached to the order was a colour proof generated previously in our workshop.
In the case of an offset print, deviations from the colour fan are not considered.

8. We do not accept works whose reproduction is limited or against the Polish law for print . The Orderer bears full responsibility for legal defects resulting from the content and form of the works and materials provided for print, including all infringements of a third party rights.

9. “ITD Collection” company does not use fonts provided by the Client if they are not in the Client’s possession and are protected by copyright. .


Right of withdrawal from the contract

1. Under the terms of Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract.

2. The right of withdrawal from the contract takes effect if the Client makes a statement to the Shop about withdrawing from the contract within 10 days from receiving the goods.

3. The Client returns the goods to the Shop within 14 days from making a statement about withdrawing from the contract. The returned goods should be intact, complete, in the original packaging, and without any traces of use. The shipping fee is covered by the Client.

4. Within 3 weekdays from receiving the delivery, the Shop will check the condition of the delivered product.

5. Within 7 days from checking the product, the Shop reimburses the sum paid by the Client, reduced by the costs of order processing. The Client should indicate the number of the bank account to which the reimbursement is to be transferred. In the case of payments made by payment card, the reimbursement will be credited back to the card.

6. In the event of the Client’s breaching the conditions specified in the items 2 and 3 above, the statement about withdrawing from the contract does not take effect, the claims against the goods are not considered, and the Shop does not reimburse the sum paid by the Client.

7. The Client does not have the right of withdrawal in the circumstances specified in the Article 10 paragraph 3 of the act identified in the item 1 above, that is with regard to:

a) providing services, with the Client’s permission, prior to the deadline for withdrawal from the contract (applies to the supply of services, not to the sale of goods),

b) audio and visual recordings, and those saved on data storage devices, after the original packaging has been removed by the Client,

c) contracts concerning services for which remuneration or price depends solely on the financial market price movement,

d) services having the features customized by the Client in the placed order, or closely connected with the Client,

e) services which due to their character cannot be returned or whose object deteriorates rapidly,

f) press delivery

g) services related to gambling games.


Protection of privacy

1. By placing an order, the Client consents to processing their personal data solely for the purpose of executing the order.

2. The Client may also separately agree to receive publicity material, including a newsletter.

3. The Client has the right to access and correct their data, and the right to demand their removal.


Intellectual property

It is forbidden to use any of the materials published on the Shop’s website (including pictures and descriptions of the products) without the prior written consent of the Shop.


Entry into force and changes to the Terms of Use

1. The Terms of Use enter into force as of the day of their publication on the Shop’s website.

2. The Shop reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use, which enter into force as of the day of their publication on the Shop’s website. For the contracts concluded prior to the change to the Terms of Use, the version of the Terms of Use being in force at the time of placing the Order by the Client is applicable.



We are GDPR compliant



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