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decoupage paper


paper D0220M - Magnolias twigs, magnolia flowers

Magnolia - flower from the past. Really this plant comes from a completely different world. This species has about 70 million years.  Yes, yes, it's not a mistake.

Paper prepared for the decoupage. Weight paper 60 g / m2 - easily absorb water but also long maintains its properties, remains flexible and doesn't break. Allows you to get the best results in the decorative arts. Paper decoupage retro, flowers, roses, lavender, violets, poppies, ivy, peony, sunflowers, gerberas, lady, flowers.... etc. Fine and charming flower motives, lady, retro motifs, bunches flowers, flowers and composition from flowers on paper to decoupage. Interesting motives for living flowers, big pips, flowers in the painting.

Variety of design - excellent quality. Polish producer of classic decoupage paper. We invite you to cooperation.

Paper - 60g, size 210x297 mm (A4)

Papier decoupage D0220M

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