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Rice decoupage

Decoupage paper - Leaves and twigs on the amber background, collage

The part of the mini collection "Submerged in amber". See our video on  Facebook or YouTube

   Amber lovers can't be counted. Its extraordinary beauty and wonderful properties people have always valued. Already the first Slavs considered amber to be an unusual stone. Maybe because it can burn, which is rather an amazing (for a stone) feature. Maybe because they discovered its healing properties and knew how to use them. Or maybe because polished amber looks phenomenal, and the light passing through it delights and puzzles to this day. It did not end with the Slavs. Who has not heard of the amber route? It was a gigantic trade route - it connected the Baltic coast with the very heart of the world at that time, i.e. with Rome. It was then that the world career of these 'stones' was born. The trade in amber was very profitable. It was even the main source of income for entire countries (such as the Teutonic Order - hardly anyone knows about it). Not without reason amber quickly gained the name of 'Baltic gold' and holds this name to this day. Deservedly.

The best paper to use in the decoupage technique. Perfect both for beginners and advanced users. Very thin and light - only about 30 g/m2, semi-transparent, naturally white. It contains typical, clearly visible fibers of irregular gauge, arranged in all directions all over the paper surface, giving it an original look and structure. The paper is unusually strong and durable, it does not disintegrate in hands. It is easy to stick to any base used in decoupage (glass, wood, mdf, polystyrene foam, etc.), with any glue used for decoupage. It is possible to lengthen it slightly while decorating rounded objects. It does not corrugate. It is surely the best alternative in the napkin technique.

Bright colors, that do not wash off in contact with glue and do not fade. The overprint is done with use of a verified technology, and the design is impressive.
The rice paper for decoupage does not need any previous preparation. Just glair it and stick.

Each picture should be torn away from a sheet, and not cut with scissors. The irregular edge of the rice paper is really easy to hide on the surface of the decorated object. Final work should be sealed with multiple coats of varnish. 

We created for you a collection where you can find unusual patterns. So many graphics in one online store, only in our place you will find all you need. Exceptional compilation of images, background and rooster.

Rice paper R1616

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