rice papers to gild

Rice paper to gild

Papers to gild, dedicated to use with the Termoton foil.

Thanks to the unique composition of their surprint the color from foil (gold or silver) sticks to the printed graphic or inscription.

Size A4 - 210x297 mm / 8.27x11.7 inch; paper weight 30-35 gsm

Directions for use: attach the Termoton foil to overprinted paper (the glittering side outside) and using a mount and press machine stick it to the surprint (the rice paper and the foil should be put between two pieces of paper and then use the mount and press machine). The foil sticks only to overprinted places, the rest will stay untouched. We can reach a similar effect using an iron (ironing with the baking sheet). You can find the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.
These papers are mostly dedicated to Termoton foil, however the graphics chosen by us have many possible ways to use also in printroom technique (black-and-white) or in classic decoupage (colorful). They also might be used as sketches to contour (places where the black line is). If you have any other ideas – please, share with us.

We would be delighted to put the pictures of your pieces of work – we will show you how it could be used.

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