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Rice paper creative set

RS020 - Gemstones

Gemstones: gold, agate, amethyst, malachite, turquoise, silver, lazurite, ruby, amber

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the set consists of:
- 11 rice papers 30 g/m2 with graphics - A4
- 2 rice papers 30 g/m2 without graphics, white - A4

- 3 Termoton foils gold 15,5x15,5 cm
- 2 Termoton foils silber 15,5x15,5 cm
- 2 stencils (special for this set) 16x16 cm

Rice paper - the best paper to use in the decoupage technique, scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journal, bullet journal... Perfect both for beginners and advanced users. Very thin and light - only about 30 g/m2, semi-transparent, naturally white. It contains typical, clearly visible fibers of irregular gauge, arranged in all directions all over the paper surface, giving it an original look and structure. The paper is unusually strong and durable, it does not disintegrate in hands. It is easy to stick to any base used in decoupage (glass, wood, mdf, polystyrene foam, etc.), with any glue used for decoupage. It is possible to lengthen it slightly while decorating rounded objects. It does not corrugate. It is surely the best alternative in the napkin technique.

Bright colors, that do not wash off in contact with glue and do not fade. The overprint is done with use of a verified technology, and the design is impressive.
The rice paper does not need any previous preparation. Just glair it and stick.

Each picture should be torn away from a sheet, and not cut with scissors. The irregular edge of the rice paper is really easy to hide on the surface of the decorated object. Final work should be sealed with multiple coats of varnish. 

Stencil - size 16x16 cm, thickness: 300 microns (0.3 mm). Perfect for decoupage or scrapbooking, mix media, card making, handicrafts, painting, schabby chic, furniture decorating... Made of durable material - plastic, reusable, very flexible. 

After use, you need to wash with water. Without PVC, safe for children.

The Termoton foil - size 15,5x15,5 cm, will surely meet expectations of decoupage, scrapbooking and mix media enthusiasts.

It could be used in three manners:
-with a glue (e.g. Magic), which used with stencils can together create fancy forms.
-with a double-sided tape, which can be cut into various shapes with scrapbooking cutting tools.
-you can also glue the foil to a laser-printed paper in high temperature (with an iron or a laminating machine).

examples of using a foil - our tutorials on youtube:    www.youtube.com/user/itdcollection

Gold-plating foil Termoton:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2C6l1PcvpE

Silver-plating foil Termoton    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BonjSsB6S4

3 Ways to Add Gold and Silver Foil:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zcLNFTtj_c

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